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I have never been more disappointed with anything else. This is by far the worst school.

At the initial interview, they promised me career training, hands on activities, a classroom setting, experience, etc. Charter College did not fulfill any one of those promises. All but three of my courses were online. They LIED!

Now, I am entering the workforce with very little knowledge in my area of study. I would sue them if I had the means. In fact, everyone with a bad experience at Charter has a right to raise their complaints and demand relief from Charter.

Write your complaints! Write your letters of disapproval and demand compensation!

Monetary Loss: $22000.

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Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1258554

I'm currently enrolled in a certificate program at this school. I must admit, after reading ALL the negative comments about this school, and after experiencing the five weeks of instruction, I think my response here is a.

Slid one. I must agree this school has serious issues. In my opinion, the fault begins at the top of the ladder. However, in all fairness the Dean of this school may not be aware that although there are some instructors I've had who genuinely care and have shown positive enthusiasm in the classroom, she has instructors who basically regurgitate textbook materials year after year, and when it comes to hands on training in the lab, one particular instructor just throws you in and your on your own.

This was my first experience on day one in the lab, the part of the program I had waited for with much enthusiasm. My first lab, I observed this instructor go sit in a office while seven students try and figure out tasks. There is one student two weeks from graduation who is completely lost. It is my opinion, this is a reflection of the poor instruction provided.

When confronted about this, the instructors response is you are welcome to attend a night course, for no credit. As a Verteran, I chose this program for a purpose and not waste my time. However, others may not have the same goals and are complacent with what's being provided, that's fine by me. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and this is my fifth week, however, if this trend continues, I will withdrawal from this school soon and spend my resources elsewhere.

I will also provide feedback to the appropriate departments within the VA.

For the record, this College recently lost its accreditation (now restored) in regards to VA funding. No reason was provided, but I think I can see why.


There are times when you do not use a double space between sentences and you expect us to believe you are smart enough to go to college? I think it is you who is lying.

Perhaps the real reason you have very little knowledge is because of your lack of grammar skills not anything they did. You don't have the means if you don't learn things they taught you because you don't study.

to Anonymous #963864

This is probably Brandi the turd from charter posing as someone else! She probably posts both comments!

Ones from the school and then sits back and makes fun of the students in the same swipe of her charter college keyboard. GO AWAY


The first time I came to "see" the campus turned into the girl already getting all my information to sign up, they weren't even giving me a chance to think over everything. I went to see the campus not to sign up.

I did end up enrolling but all of my courses are online -_- how is someone who is hands on like myself supposed to learn? and that's what I told the chick that signed me up but she obviously didn't care. if you have a question about the online course their best suggestion is "email the instructor" uhmmm yes but it takes them almost a week to reply. The teachers know nothing about what they are "Teaching" they always tell me to refer back to the text book or look over the question again.......then why are you even a so called teacher?

Yes, its giving me great computer skills but what about the rest of the skills and education I'm Paying for?

Brandi A.
to Anonymous #815242


Welcome to the Charter College community! We’re glad you decided to enroll, but we’re disappointed to hear that you seem to be off to such a rocky start.

We encourage you to reach out to the Student Success Department on Campus regarding any concerns you have with your classes or instructors and for help such as finding tutors and study groups. We want you to be able to get the most out of your Charter College education!

- Brandi, Charter College


Please report your experience to the Department of Education so they can take action. This company will continue their practices until enough people step up.

If you're in Alaska, think twice about complaining to your state agency.

They seem to turn a blind eye to any complaints about Charter College. Go to the US Department of Education Office of Inspecter General:

to Anonymous Vancouver, Washington, United States #863525

Thank you for this information. It is greatly appreciated. I will be reporting Charter, also.

Brandi A.


We do our best to provide every opportunity to our students to gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in their field and we are troubled by your accusations of lies; we would like to discuss this with you further to ensure that if any miscommunication occurred it is not repeated. Furthermore, we are sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding the online classes. However, we fully believe in the quality of our blended learning model that pairs online classes with on campuses classes.

We appreciate constructive criticism from our students and graduates as it helps to improve the Charter College experience for the whole community and we hope that you will take the time to speak with us regarding your experiences. You may reach the Anchorage Campus at 907.277.1000.

to Brandi A. Vancouver, Washington, United States #863530


I have seen you post on several of these complaints from current and former students. The lies that everyone is talking about seems to be quite a pattern.

The comments are coming from different campuses, which tells me lies are the norm for Charter College.

I spoke to a few people at my local Vancouver, WA campus about the lies I was told and my frustrations, including the VP. I have yet to hear anything back.

I would NEVER recommend Charter college to anyone.

to tractor13 Anchorage, Alaska, United States #946589

Amen! I have actually prevented 3 people from attending after I told them about my horrible experience with Charter College.

It sucks I waited 10 years after high school to go to school so I wouldn't get screwed over and go and actually get something g out of it. But I choose Charter College. ...worst mistake I have made with my career...

now I have debt I never had before! I hate this place!

to tractor13 #963865

Way to go!!! Call her out!!!

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