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I worked there for several years, with increasing responsibilities. From the employment side, they will try to work you to death and likely they will succeed because you always feel that your job is threatened. After the first year I don't there was day I didn't come to work thinking it could be my last.

On the good side there was lots of room for advancement due to he 50-80% turnover and the local staff! at several campuses, was great to work with. I did learn a lot in regard to my job and life experiences. So I thank the for that.

While I was there I heard tons of complaints front he students about the school, their tactics, etc. a fair pertion of it was, I think, due to student just not realizing the academic environment they were getting into and how intense it would be.

However, with the benefit of hindsight I would have to say that many of the complaints I see here and heard at that time are legitimate. The school, especially corporate, is intensely focused on making money, at the expense of the students, the education and the staff and faculty. Almost every new mod we taught new classes, even though they were often the same classes we had been teaching; that's how much things changed, including lesson plans, material, textbooks, etc. it was not at all uncommon to start the mod without the text books or the equipment necessary to teach the classes (if you taught in a program that didn't bring in a lot of money for corporate). Very, very few people outside of corporate HQ remain for five years. Some years turnover approached 80%, some years it was as low as 30%. When ACICS came to town, all of the paperwork had to be updated and we were told directly by the CCO if you don't like how we run things you can find another job (ACICS wanted us to be upfront and frank with them about working conditions, academics, lesson plans, etc. but there was always that threat, and it was a very real threat).

What else? They wouldnt buy even some of the most basic equipment for our program, while the new programs got $10,000s dumped I n them. I went one 5 week mod with no text books clear into week 3. We redesigned the entire program from certificate to bachelors level program in 5 weeks! Did that again 6 weeks about a year later. The reward for that the second time around? Your entire department is gone and you now work online, if you can qualify. And by the way we're going to take you from a salaried position to a pay by class position where the money is much better, but because of their incompetence it works out to a much lower wage and was a considered a part time job even if you were working 4-5 classes (considered full time) for three months I tried to get someone in HR to acknowledge that I wouljd have a job at the end of the year. They never did. No one talked bout it. Absolutely the poorest employee transition it has every been my displeasure to witness.

While it was never mentioned directly, there was tremendous pressure to keep grades artificially high. I had straight A students hit my class and fail because they didn't understand the very basics of the class where they got the A, the fundamentals 101 class.let us not forget the reward system 95% or better on your student satisfaction survey and the instructor gets $50, keep all your people in the class for the 5 weeks (don't let them drop or move there's another $50 and if you can keep them all from getting Fs that anothe r 50, if you happen to get all then that's another $250 or so extra. For several years our students had a higher GPA than did students at Harvard.

While I did learn things while I was there, But I think the voodoo management style more than made up for what I had learned there.

what saddened me the most was seeing these students go through this experience and knowing most of them would get menial jobs, not in the IT field and how sad that was when I saw it time after time.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of charter college program from Charter College. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $3000 and wants Charter College to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was wy the students were treated. Author liked the most other faculty and staff. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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As a former student there the work load was not intense, was not hard was not complex..the college was a joke! I had issues with the school spending more money time and energy and care on implementing the hvac program than they did in the IT program!!

I had 4 classes I have to pay for that the school did not get the courses for and I have to pay 4000 a if the students were disgruntled theres a reason its not because of how the college is set up, its because they were lied to, deceived and manipulated by the staff who signed them up! I literally knew more going into that school than i did when I "graduated"! Plus students are NOT given detailed information regarding this school being a nationally accredited college and theres no explanation that you CANNOT transfer to Regionally accredited colleges! It was a huge waste of my money, and time going there.

The only good thing was meeting and connecting with intelligent people who happened to be my former instructors.

Seriously I cannot FIND an IT job and yet I keep getting harassed by charter that I owe them money!How can I pay them anything when I cannot find a job in the field I PAID them money for schooling for and yet do NOT have that job?! Thats not even getting into the charter financial team screwing me over and taking every dime from my financial aide money, as I never once received a check from financial aide instead the college changed my form and took that money..its not an accusation as I talked to many students at the time and they all had the same experience and things happen as I did at the time. So I am not happy with this pathetic wanna be school nor do I tell anyone to go there ever!

I work to deter people from making the same mistakes I made by choosing this "college". As of right now theres no where I can go or turn to and no companies in the IT field will look at me let alone interview me for a job. Best part is I went 2 years without a job couldnt find anything finally got one and lost it this year. Now after 6 months I am working at a grocery store and I cannot even make enough to support myself on that wage!

I will be making an average of 1-200ish every 2 weeks!!

In case we forgot how to do math thats around 4-500 a month if im lucky! So for those in this college be prepared to make min wage and to NOT use your education or lack of education that is!


Pretty difficult to stay focused on students, I imagine, when there are things like this to deal with: "the latest audited financial statements do not fully meet U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) financial soundness requirements." And: "the College had been placed on Heightened Cash Monitoring (HCM1) as a result of the current Financial Responsibility Composite Score."

You can read everything here:


I too worked there for 2 years..and like you worried horribly if I'd have a job from day to day..Charter is hemmerging money like crazy, to the point where they would rather enroll people with no money or jobs to 1. Make enrollment quotas 2.

Too ensure the promise of funds from those people. ..

The turn over rate for employee was horrendous they would quote"lay someone off" with knowledge and experience just to put another person there that they didnt have to pay as much..very famous for dissolving whole departments and dumping the work on already overworked and unexpeinced people..

And yes HR was advised of all the issues...poor students being told one thing and it not being held up...

in two years not a face to face review..not a raise one ever got those oh unless u were the Campus pres assistant oh or his pet...yep best thing I ever did was quit..and to not let anyone I know work or go there.

to Not Happy 9 #1041831

HR would never do anything about complaints or the uncertainty felt by employees because the Director of the Department, Ms Susan Hamilton, is best friends with the CEO.

Brandi A.

Hello Anonymous,

We not only strive to create an environment where our students can thrive and learn, but we also aim to foster an institution where our faculty and staff can excel. Without our dedicated faculty and staff we would not be able to offer the education and career training our students deserve. We encourage you to reach out to the Human Resources Department regarding your concerns so that we may address them directly.


Brandi, Charter College

to Brandi A. #933580

Brandi, you seem to be nice and genuine and I thank you for that.

I would like to note 2 observations: your replies rarely, if ever, actually address what is being said, just that the person should reach out to HR, which I did.

It was an exercise in futility. HR fights for the company and really should be called Corporate Relations. Second, when I was let go HR wouldn't even acknowledge it. I had to ask my manager if I was going to have a job.

After several weeks I finally had to ask directly whether I would have a job. When I did he/she did say I would not. Now if HR doesn't care enough to tell me whether or not I have a job after a certain date then why should I think that they will care enough to address some issues with me that could be potentially damaging to them?

They would not.

How does an institution that puts almost all programs online with no campus classroom time "strive to create an environment where the student can thrive?" Many programs can do well online but there are several at Charter that require physical interaction between the student and the tools of the trade and the techniques of the trade. For instance, how can one learn good customer service in a totally online environment?

Brandi A.
to Anonymous #934582

Hi Anonymous,

We understand your frustration and apologize if you feel you were mistreated. We again encourage you to reach out to the Human Resources Department as there is little we can do to address your concerns through this platform.


Brandi, Charter College

to Brandi A. #1041835

Brandi, as a corporate employee, I expect your experience is very different that that of those of us who actually worked with students on campuses. You have to know Susan will never do anything about complaints except to pass them on to one person who might resent those comments and try to squash them.

The tsunami of change and the *** employees Mike has referred to in all company meetings do not feel they can thrive. They come to work every day feeling that day may well be their last.

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