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Being a "student" at charter college the problem isn't so much the instructors its the overall school itself. Charter has refused to bring the IT department upto date and lacks the necessities of being able to go out and find a job at in the IT world right after graduation.

They fly through the classes so fast the student is lost, confused and trying to figure out the basics just as the class ends and another one begins. My take on it is if i had to do it over again i would have not chosen charter college. So far i have been fortunate in the fact that i knew a lot going in but needed some schooling. Stick to a community college that is more legit and can transfer!

Another promise that was made was they told me they would help find jobs well now that im almost done the career services department is trying to get me to come back for my BA saying that i would be able to find work easier if i told the employer i was enrolled in the BA program. Honestly good luck finding work and its not sarcastically said, but i feel the same way that i will not find a job after attending charter college. When its all said and done nothing that was told me nor promised would happen has or will happen. From the hands on experience, down to them offering work study for students which i was told and finding a job.

I will have an AA that i busted my tail for that is non transferable to any legit actually accredited schools. Im sad to say that this "college" has deceived and lied to many people and while the students pay a fortune to go there for an unaccredited degree the people running the college make a fortune on us! I am beyond sick and tired of this school and wish i would have made a better choice.

In finishing to everyone who was screwed over by charter college i would say this go to a community college and get true credits that will make your AA actually worth something..once you get the AA from charter because of the low pathetic standards that charter has to acquire the AA its not worth much weight to colleges because its very under PAR for what a true AA is and should be.

Go beef up your math skills primarily bc that is what true accredited colleges are wanting students who know more than just level 75 math. All i can say is it sucks that charter can get away with this leaving us in debt, deceived, lied to and in the end screwed with no options. Not to mention they falsified the resume that was sent to them and added certifications and qualifications that weren’t obtained to the resume to beef it up and make it seem greater than it was. This is how they attempted to get students jobs by lying to get them

In the doors! This doesn’t even cover the classes the school refused to pay for and not provide but forcing students to pay for, or the financial aid services department defrauding students of grants and making

Them re-sign grants for much Lower next

To nothing amounts and increasing the student loans and changing student financial aid forms so the money went

To the school and not the students who needed it! Charter college is a joke! I have a worthless AA that they want money for that has not gotten me a job at all. Best advice is don’t ever ever ever choose charter college! Charter college fits this: If it looks to good to be true it is too good to be true!

Product or Service Mentioned: Charter College Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I like how you expect everyone to believe that you are a college student, yet your spelling and grammar is at a fifth grade level. The reason that you did not get a job is probably because your resume and application form were rejected due to your many grammar errors?

Your review has many spelling and grammar errors and yet you expect people to believe you are college material. You say the college is fast paced. Well it is probably not.

They teach at an adult level not at the level of a ten year old. Just because the classes are too fast paced for you does not mean they are for everyone.


And that paragraph is suppose to make you how much more intelligent? Idiot I swear!




If you go on the ABHES website you will see that Charter College is an accredited college.

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