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I just need to take 2 more classes than I graduate. But this month I didn't have any classes to take. I called and they said to take a break this month but yet I still had to pay the monthly payment plus they put my status that I dropped out. So I have to resign up for the 2 classes plus redo my financial aid. When it wasn't even my fault in the first place. Not professional at all. Read more

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Every one of the counselers was not profecional at all they lied in everything, and charged lots of money, i lost my time money and most of all missed ao much time with my son i had to live him with the baby sitter full days and part of nights as well and all to get a career and better future for my famly and me CHARTER COLLEGE IS A FAKE !!!! PAY ALL OF US BACK FOR OUR LOST TIME AND MONEY AS WELL FOR LOST TIME WITH OUR LOVED ONES.!!!!! Read more

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I had to schedule a tour to find out the cost and the advisor made an appointment for me to enroll when I said I am not ready get back to me in a year. They kept calling me every week until I finally decided to take the call and tell them I am no longer interested. After I told the advisor I am planning on attending a tech school he wanted to keep in contact with me and after I said no he kept talking and I hung up Read more

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I graduated from Charter College in 2013. Went to school in Washington. They refused my diploma too. I'm not making nearly as much as they said I would in the dental field to pay my loans. They are the WORST school ever!! They even send my private loans to debt collection agencies and then take it back. I'm not sure if this is even legal... I never got an exit interview to go over all my loans. I had a loan taken out that I didn't even know... Read more

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☠ BEWARE ☠ : I looked into enrolling for either a Medical Assistant or Surgical Technician but there prices were too steep for me even if I would of received some kind of Loan or Grant. For the amount of money it was going to cost versus how much I would make hourly was just not worth it to invest not only my time but my future income or earnings, only to pay this Loan which would of felt like FOREVER!! I chose to enroll on an Online degree... Read more

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Charter college is just a complete scam . I graduated in 2015 and I'm still not working in the dental field. I was promised there will be job placement and that was a lie . I've asked the school so many times to help me find a job in the dental field and I was told YES we will help you . There were so quick to ask me when am I going to make the next monthly payment , they did not mention about finding a job for me. They promised me there were... Read more

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I waisted an entire year of my life busting my *** to pass my classes when I failed so many and had to retake because of the schools mistakes. I let alot of thing go because I just wanted my certificate but this is too much now. Im down to two mods and they messed up so bad and now I have to sign an incomplete and retake the courses. Its not right!! Dont enroll here its a *** school that just wants peoples money. Read more

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Charter college convinced me that i could still have a career in medical assisting despite my criminal record. Which I informed them were felonies. They purposely decieved me. Not only did they lie to me about that. I had a breakdown in my twelfth month and needed to participate in an intense live in program. Before leaving I was told i would be able to come back and reside my studies as was. And sadly that was also a lie. Now I am being charged... Read more

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This place was a joke! For what you pay, no matter the choosing of your program/area of study, it is ridiculous! The monetary loss in my field of study is greater than $20,000. They (the staff) lack immensely in many aspects. In the near future I will continue to further my education and within the same field, but I would never consider going back to Charter and would never recommend this school to anyone! In 2013 I graduated with my associates... Read more

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This is the most unprofessional "college" I've ever attended. In the middle of the year, they hired an accountant as a teacher and he was incredibly sexist and rude. The school was aware of this and did nothing. The program I attended was called "Computerized Office Specialist," which DOES NOT EXIST anymore. I was the only one out of a handful of students to complete the program, from start to finish. Now I have absolutely nothing to show... Read more

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